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Now on eBay too

Posted by James Brindle on

To reach a wider audience we have also put some of our catalogue onto the eBay marketplace limited to UK purchases only for now.

As we haven't sold on eBay for quite some time, we have to work towards having our limits increased.  We would still urge regular visitors to shop direct here on the website but if you feel eBay is your more preferred trusted place to buy then you'll find us there too.

Only a limited amount of our items will be on eBay with links back to the main site within the listings.

We hope this will help us to grow our store and service a wider audience who may not find our main site.

A few of our products will also be appearing on Amazon and other marketplaces over the coming months.

We aim to target the right outlet with the right type of product which is why you won't find our entire catalogue available anywhere else except here.


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