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About us

Who are we?

Retro Games Party has been around since 2010 and has become a go-to hire company for classic, contemporary and modern arcade games in their original form.

From owning our own machines and growing a vast collection we have come to understand the pitfalls of ownership, the products needed to keep them alive and the skills required to bring it all together.

The Retro Games Party E-Store aims to bring sustainable products for the maintenance and prolonged life of arcade machines.

Our catalogue will start small and grow over time, carefully choosing and packaging individual components as well as full kits.

Why are we here?  A very good question!

Having spent much time bringing games back to life and keeping them running long after a commercial operator consigned them to a damp warehouse, we saw that people had trouble finding the parts without buying from several vendors, endlessly searching eBay or having to buy kits from overseas resulting in high shipping and import charges.

We're still collectors and enthusiasts at heart just trying to keep a roof over our favourite games heads and we give as much support as possible to our friends in the arcade community at UKVaC and are grateful to receive their collective wisdom when we need help fixing an awkward problem.   We believe that knowledge should be shared, if we can help someone who already has the tools to repair something we will.

We have learned that there are far more owners of games out there than you would think, with a lot of people with a dusty non-working Space Invaders game stuck in their games room and we aim to provide a link between people, products and knowledge.

About the business

We are located in Blackburn, Lancashire and currently occupy an office and storage facility where we design products, restore machines, repair electronics and now sell parts.

Our online shop launched on August 1st 2016 starting with just a few choice products following the time-saving design of an adaptor board to replace an old power supply module.

While the EStore is new, our main company has been around for 6 years and has grown from a promoter and resource to providing games to the bulk of the major retro gaming events in the UK as well as private functions such as wedding parties, company fun days and Film & TV.

What will you find in our shop?

Here is a brief list of things you will see come online in our shop:

  • Harness Adaptors, Wiring Looms and JAMMA adaptors
  • Power Supplies and Transformers
  • Arcade Monitor Flybacks and cap-kits
  • Control panel supplies such as buttons, switches, joysticks
  • Logic chips, blank EEPROMs, CPU's, RAM
  • Some PCBs, game cartridges and other things that we would like to find new owners for.

And many other things.

If you're looking for something specific, why not get in touch and ask - we have many other items on our shelves that haven't been listed yet.

Are you on eBay too?

We have decided to start small and grow in a sustainable manner, we will be expanding to list our products on eBay and Amazon and your other favourite marketplaces in the near future.

Get in touch

Our postal address for those needing to return something 

Retro Games Party
Dylan Harvey Business Centre
Davyfield Road

Our contact number is 0330 088 5690 (local call charges)