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E-Fulfillment For Everyone

So you've designed something cool...

You've had an idea, you've designed the circuit, prototyped the board, built it, sent it to a few testers and you've had the PCB manufactured.  You generated the hype of this new "fix-all" product around people and they love it!

Now you're stuck with a pile of components, an inbox full of orders and questions - success? You're rich!!  Right?  

Oddly not.  

Time just disappears, you spend every night building the product, answering those emails and of course the few people you gave your personal number out to want your time plus people message you on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and 6 other messaging services - and on top of that you have to get your product to the post office.  All while keeping the peace with the family.

It's not easy.  I know.

We can help!

We can leave you to do what you do best - design and prototype a product - the side of it you were born to do - and you're damn good at it so why are you trying to be

Let us be your assembler, your shopkeeper and your post-office.

What can we offer?

We can either hold your completed product or your bill of materials and do final assembly either in batch or at time of order and despatch for you.

It works either of two ways:

  • You can produce a batch of your product and send it to us completed ready for despatch.  

  • You can order your PCB's and major parts and have them delivered direct to us and we will assemble them ready for despatch.


We would give them a product code, put them in our store, promote them in our outlets and ship them as orders come in.

At the shows we operate at, we may even showcase specific products to the general public.

How can you do all this?

We moved to a large facility not just to store games and our own products but to make services like this available to everyone.

We can work with through-hole or SMD soldering.  We have an inventory system that tracks your quantities and we can assemble and test your item ready for sale.

We are focussed on sustainable growth and becoming a long term operation and as our workload increases we will increase our staff level and facilities to match at key points.

Why shouldn't I just put it on amazon or eBay?

Go ahead.  No, seriously, go ahead, put it on amazon or eBay yourself.  However, neither of those marketplaces cares about your product - you're just an item number and a fee.

We are passionate about this area of electronics, history and culture.  We are formed of collectors for collectors primarily, however, we have the ability to reach a much wider audience.

What's the catch?

There is no catch!  Well, interpret it how you will, we have to make some money out of this to keep alive so there is no catch but there are a couple of things we have to agree on.

We don't buy your stock

We do not buy up your left over stock for sale.  If you've already sold it on various community outlets the chances are all your orders are fulfilled and you're left with back stock that you had to buy to make the numbers.

You're welcome to place this with us but we won't pay you for it, we'll only honour our per-sale fee agreement.

We become your primary outlet

If this is a brand new product or a re-run of an existing item we want you to direct orders to us.  If you need to send out samples we will charge you our retention fee plus postage to you.  If you need to offer discount codes we can accommodate this as well.

You set the price - we make a small amount per sale

We will agree your sale price that will be presented to everyone who will buy your item and what you will receive.  This provides transparency to your customer so if you say it's £25 that's what the customer will pay, we will retain an amount of that as our handling fee.

We plan to operate on a similar manner to iTunes and other companies that have built a similar successful model.  We will, depending on price of your item work on a 15-30% retention before shipping fees.  This will depend also on if we are involved in assembly.  

Extremely low priced products will sit at the higher end of the split sliding down to the bottom for higher priced items.  Although to bean-counting accountants this might not seem like good business sense, this is ethical and sustainable both to us and yourself.

On a £100 item we would keep £15, on a £20 item we would keep £4, on a £5 item we would keep £1.50.  Compare this to the app store which would keep £30, £6 and £1.50.

Our sustainability is by overall volume.

Is the a minimum and maximum selling price?

There is no maximum selling price, there is no specific minimum but make it worth your own while to produce items given that at the lowest end we will retain 30%.


Discuss your opportunity today, contact us on 0330 088 5690 or use the contact us page.