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Quad Op Amp, 3MHz, 14-Pin PDIP

Quad Op Amp, 3MHz, 14-Pin PDIP

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JFET Input Op Amp, TL070 & TL080 Families

A range of well-established high-performance JFET input, bipolar output operational amplifiers from Texas Instruments featuring low input bias currents and high slew rates. These op amps have low noise and low distortion and are suitable for a wide variety of audio and signal processing applications. The high input impedance makes them an ideal choice where circuit loading must be minimized. Offset adjustment and external compensation options are available with the single TL071 and TL081 devices.

Used in many applications but noted to be used in the analogue output stage of ATARI vector games such as Battlezone

This product has the following details:

Description Value
Package Type PDIP
Number Of Pins 14
Typical Gain Bandwidth 3mhz
Voltage Gain 106 dB

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